Date: 2009-07-24 07:15 am (UTC)
Helga - yes, of course I know her.
She's a member of the Company of Saynt George as well of the St├Ądtisches Aufgebot Anno 1476. And she's the mum of my first "big" headdress, I own the base construction to her.

The pin-on sleeves are a phenomenon I agree usually seen with commonwomen. I guess that might be the reason why it's very often depicted on Magdalenas, usually she's the only common-woman in a biblical painting.

But short sleeved dresses with different coloured sleeves pinned are figuring very often at midwife's helpers, or "commonwomen" in tapestries (again - I am referring to Upper Rhine region), as do they figure in inventory lists (I've got a marvellous set of 15th century Basel Linnenweavers inventories, those are so great, I own Simone Muscheid a lot for pointing them out to me)

There are a lot of different styles, and what I miss most are longsleeved dresses. Even in winter the company's women are wearing the short sleeved ones, and one after the other complains about the temperatures... I usually wear 2-3 dresses on top of each other, sometimes shortsleeved over longsleeved, the lacing accommodating the layers (and when it's that cold, nobody wants to be pretty, the more important business is to keep warm)

There is one thing what really bugs me - laced on sleeves. Like men lace on their trousers, there are some girls who lace on their sleeves. It developed out of another reenactors flaw (I guess an arming doublet was the father of the idea), try to convince the girls not to use that anymore is a neverending story for the 5 years past.
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