Date: 2009-07-24 01:33 pm (UTC)
"I didn't want to raise a new Burgundian war"
*Raises hand* Sorry that was my fault!

I was applauding Fiofiorina for highlighting the issue of regional variation in clothing. I think someone may have thought I was hitting at them when I wasn't. I really meant the number of people online and off who quote secondary research like it's gospel. And as I pointed out, many of them are misquoting others or taking comments out of context anyway.

There's nothing wrong with reenactorisms within limits - how many of us are up to killing a whale for its mouth cartilage or a cat for its scented glands? But there are lots of us (and most of us do it at some stage or other, including me) of taking a shortcut we know to be a shortcut, but which others see and think is OK. We should just careful about how we do, that's all.

I did not jump down any specific person's throat for their opinion - at least I don't remember doing it - so I'm sorry if it seemed that way. But yes, there are people out there who say their way is the only way. I didn't say anyone here was like that, but they do exist.
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