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Birthdate:Aug 17
Well - I finally wanted a place uniquely dedicated to my 18th sewing experimentes, everywhere else the 15th century things take up so much room/time/space. (It still does - but at least it's more or less 50-50 here)

Due to various personal reasons (e.g. I am a costumer, and altough I don't mind if fellow costumers see me in stays with a not-yet-fitted-toile-barely covering me, I don't want to have such pictures publicly available). Please feel free to friend me, or to send me a message, if you are somehow into costuming, I'll friend you back ;-)
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14th century, 15th century, 18th century, and brown paper packages tied up with string :-), anything beautiful, baroque, belletristik, costuming, darkover, directoire-fashion, elves, excavation reports, fairie, fairytales, good costume movies, hiking, history, janet arnold, living history, medieval, museum, museums-education, nature, re-enactment, reading, regency, sewing, whiskers on kittens
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